The Wedding!

The wedding is being held on October 31, 2009. Being that it's Halloween, the bride and groom will be in costume, and are requesting that everyone in attendance follow suit.

The way we see it, when attending a wedding, there is a certain expected dress code, be it tuxedos or otherwise "black tie" clothing, or western, or whatever the theme may happen to be. Being that the theme for our wedding is Halloween, we don't feel that it should be considered any different for us to ask our guests to be in costume and add to the overall enjoyment of the evening.

We do realize that some of the people we've invited have children. For those of you that do, there are a few options to consider.

  • You may opt out altogether in favor of spending time with your family and whatever trick-or-treating activities you have planned for the evening.
  • You may bring your child(ren) with you for the ceremony, but take off early (either before or after dinner) to let your kid(s) get out there and do their own trick-or-treating.
  • You may bring your child(ren) along for the entire evening. We realize that anyone that opts for this will be depriving their kid(s) of a night of free candy, and so we'll make sure they're provided for by supplying a hefty candy buffet.

If you opt for not attending or for leaving early for the sake of your kid(s), don't feel that you'll be hurting our feelings. We realize that this is their night also, and that we may have to sacrifice spending some time with our friends so that they can spend time with their own families :)