The Registry

Here we go. Most of you will think we're odd, or even tacky, but at this point, you should know that about us already, so it shouldn't come as too much of a shock. We are not registered anywhere. "Why?" you ask? Because over the years, we've purchased pretty much everything we need or want for the house already, and could in fact use less things in it.

What we do have is a hunger for gambling. We're planning a honeymoon in Las Vegas (yes, we are aware of how original that idea is), where we plan to do gambling aplenty, so we're looking for a quick and easy boost to our gambling budget. Since we also enjoy scratch-off tickets, that's what we're wanting in lieu of a traditional registry of gifts.

We do realize the odds are, for the most part, against us. However, we feel that given the geographic disparity of our guests, our odds may be slightly improved for moderate-to-large winners by having the tickets purchased from various locations across the state.

We don't have any specific scratch-off game we're looking to rack up on, per se, and will happily take whatever you feel like buying, but be advised that the odds (and winner amounts) improve with the amount of the scratch-off denomination. Thus, out of 20 $1 tickets, and 1 $20 ticket, there are better odds with the $20 ticket.