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Just kidding. Seriously, though, we're not asking you to do anything more than enter your name and a password you wish to use to login in the future. There's no chance we're going to sell your email address to any 3rd party, and we're not even asking for a phone number to "accidentally" be slipped to a telemarketer of any kind. Your actual password is never stored in our system, but rather, a garbled, encrypted form of it is. This is strictly a way for us to make sure that the only people that can post messages on the site and/or RSVP electronically are not bots, and are legitimately invited to the wedding.

Upon filling out the form below, the system will send an email to both Richard & Adriana informing them that you've requested to register. Once we verify that you're a legitimate guest, we just have to enable your guest account, and you'll be free to use any of the features you find on here. Total turnaround time should be within a few minutes in most cases, unless we happen to be asleep or swamped with work :)

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