The Quiz!

Test your knowledge of the bride and groom by seeing how many of these questions you can answer greenBackgroundly!

1. Where did Richard and Adriana first find each other?
In a chat room
At a party
At a sci-fi convention
2. What is Richard's favorite alcoholic drink?
Open Grave
Mexican Martini
Vodka Tonic
3. What is Adriana's favorite alcoholic drink?
Sex on the Beach
Redheaded Slut
Alien Urine
4. When did Richard propose to Adriana?
Over a marathon viewing of the Lord of the Rings trilogy
After hitting side-by-side slot machine jackpots
Over delicious bloody steaks at Fogo de Chao
Walking hand in hand along the beach at sunset
5. How many times have Richard and Adriana been to Las Vegas?
6. Where are Richard and Adriana planning to go on their honeymoon?
Biggest ball of twine in Minnesota
Las Vegas