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Richard Lindsey
Nov. 2nd, 2009 11:42am

The Aftermath

Thanks again to everybody that was able to make it out to the wedding, and a huge thanks to those that were able to come out early and help with setup... I know I had a blast, and most of you have said the same, plus I came away +1 wife, and with a sweetass ring, so I'd say it was an overwhelming success...

As Adriana said in her blog post this morning, the photobooth pictures are available online now... She just told me there are 246 of them total, so way to go on making use of it for the evening :D

We have enough leftover beer and liquor to last us at least through the end of the year, if not through the end of next year...

To say we were kind of sore and tired yesterday would be to say that the sun is kind of hot... I think I was still drunk when I woke up to start tearing down and cleaning up to get out of the venue on time... Once everything was loaded back up, we then got to unload it all, and Adriana brought some pizza back home with her, at which time i demonstrated my eating disorder of "binge and nap"...

After a good 4-5 hours of uninterrupted napping, I managed to drag myself back out of bed, feeling as if I hadn't slept at all, grilled up some steaks for those of us at the house, and watched most of the original V miniseries on "Syfy" (yes, I hate the new spelling as much as you do), before spending a good hour with my head sagging, then jerking upwards, then bobbing in place, my eyes half-opened, the snores already erupting from me, before Adriana made me go to sleep, at 9:30... I'm just now starting to feel like I've made up my sleep from the weekend.

As soon as the pictures from the photographer come in, I'll make sure to throw a page up here with all of them, and I'll see if I can wire in some 3rd party API that'll let you run off actual prints of them, should you decide you'd like to do that :)

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Adriana Haire
Nov. 2nd, 2009 9:55am

Photobooth pics

Photobooth pics are located at http://photobooth.goboentertainment.com/ the password is ghost

thanks for all those who made it out it was a memorable night.

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Richard Lindsey
Oct. 25th, 2009 2:17pm

Down to the wire...

So, Adriana and I had our last date night as individuals this past weekend... We went to have drinks and check out some romantic comedy called Saw VI... In all fairness to the genre, it was actually pretty funny...

That's the last fun we're allowed to have until Halloween night... We did a dry run of the makeup for my costume last night... It came out pretty well for the first attempt, which didn't include all of the features that the final product will, so the night of the wedding, I should be looking pretty badass :)

We still have to take her dress to get steamed today at some point, but that can wait until after a bit of a nap... I've got a major project at work that I was supposed to finish up Friday night, but with all of the wedding stuff coming up fast, I haven't had a chance to finish it up, and will have to get that cranked out and tested today... Then we launch this new product the week of the wedding, and I have to split my time between prep work and hammering out any bugs that pop up in the system once we release it into the wild...

We still have a few miscellaneous items to pick up today after our nap, and we have to go pick up the Rand from his mom's house while we're out, get the house cleaned back up from the past week or so, and on and on and on...

Also, at some point, I'll need to consolidate all of the Musical Requests into a list of finalists that actually get submitted for DJ purposes...

I'm pretty excited about some arrivals this week... My mom comes into town on Wednesday, so I'll be working from home starting that day. Thursday, my friend Chris flies in from Arizona, and then as of Friday, the real nightmare of setup begins when we obtain custody of the venue at 4pm... Those of you that have talked about helping and are available, as early as possible would be great :) We're hoping to have 90% of the setup done that first night, because the day of the wedding, I expect there to be plenty to do for getting ourselves ready, making sure all of the vendors know when to show up, verifying that everything is in place, etc. without having to do more setup on top of it all :) Thanks in advance :)

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Richard Lindsey
Oct. 20th, 2009 7:55pm

1 week and 2 twain days to go

So we're finally starting to come down to the wire, and I figured it was time for another blog post, since it's been almost a month since my last one... We have a couple of guests flying into town next week, which ought to be fun, except for all of the prep work we'll be subjecting them to :)

We'll be out at the venue as of Friday, getting as much stuff done as we can, to minimize the workload for Saturday, so we can spend as much time as possible getting ourselves all gussied up for the ceremony...

We spent some time last night revising the verbiage for the ceremony itself, we've got the caterer and the cake locked down, the venue's all paid for, and only a few expenses are still outstanding... All systems are go, provided I can make sure the bride doesn't try to skip town on me...

Now we just have to hope it doesn't rain that day, given the weather lately, but according to the farmer's almanac, we've had about 1/10th of an inch of rain on average for that day of the year over the past decade, so I don't think we'll have to worry about that...

I can't wait to see all of the costumes that show up out there, it should be a blast :)

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Adriana Haire
Oct. 14th, 2009 3:23pm


So the time is near. I have had make up and hair trial runs. Wedding showers. It's been a packed month. I hope everyone is ready to drink and eat some of the best BBQ ever! Don't forget your dancing shoes :D

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Adriana Haire
Sep. 27th, 2009 9:48am


Come as a pirate or come as a ghost
come as the thing that suits you the most
come as a goddess or come as an elf
but please don't come dressed as yourself.

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Adriana Haire
Sep. 24th, 2009 11:41pm

Bachelorette Party

I also had a bachelorette but unlike diva Richard who had a weekend long party mine was on Sat. Sept. 19th. My bridesmaids and I enjoyed penis cake and wine.Jen made me a lovely condom veil and I had a Bride to bling necklace with a sash that flashed. I received a lovely assortment of spa gifts.We then went to Fogo de Chao to fill our bellies with meat. Delicious meat! After fogo I was pretty much in a meat coma and came home to pass out in pure meat bliss. I did realize while Richard was gone for the weekend that I missed him very much and this was our first time we had spent away from each other. I am thankful to Jen, Mary and Betsy for a fun filled night. 

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Richard Lindsey
Sep. 21st, 2009 1:09pm

Bachelor Party Accomplished

So, a small army came tromping into my office on Friday morning, preceeded by the phrase "This is a raid bitch!"... They dragged me out of there and forced me to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes and do other things I hate doing, as we made our out to the Texas coast...

Upon arrival, the air was thick with mosquitos, which didn't even start throttling back in population until the morning we left... That part sucked, the rest was pretty awesome :D My best man, Greg, had planned for us to go deep sea fishing... We spent the first night getting friggin hammered, and I was caught on the phone with my fiance, which wound up in a round of belly slaps upon my person, while I was held in place by about 3 other persons...

The next morning, we all somehow managed to drag our asses out of bed between 6:30 and 7:00 in the morning, and huddle in the back of Greg's truck while he drove like a psycho out to the boating place...

We got on board, and it was about a 2 or 2 1/2 hour ride out to where we were set to fish, about 40 miles out into the gulf... The water was extremely calm (at one point, I even turned to Derek and remarked "This is a pretty big lake!"), the temperature probably averaged about mid-80's for the entire trip, and there was a beautiful breeze the entire time... All in all, it was a perfect day for fishing...

I didn't end up catching anything myself, but I did learn the proper method for handling my rod (uh hyuck), and collectively, our group took the most fish out of any group on the boat, with Greg getting 1, and Derek, Colin, and Brad each getting 2, for a total of 7... The trip back was just as breezy and nice (and long) as the trip out...

We grabbed some pretty tasty dinner just down the road while they fileted the fish for us... We were so hungry by that point that Greg and I agreed that our dinner salads were probably like, the best salads in the history of mankind...

That night, we went to a bar and had 2nd dinner, along with more beer, and Brad literally had us in tears with some of the stories he was telling...

I successfully defended myself from a gaggle of drunken cavemen at 4:00 in the morning that night, and then there was peace in the house once everyone finally crashed... We got the place straighten up and cleaned out in the morning, headed off to Rockport for lunch, wound up going to Fulton instead, and hitting this little dive called The Pickled Pelican, which had surprisingly excellent service and extremely scrumptious food, as well as a couple of shuffleboard tables in the back, which I happen to love...

Greg and I took off and left the rest of them to finish watching their football game, and all in all, the weekend was awesome, I can't wait to go out deep sea fishing again at some point :D Thanks to everyone that chipped in and made it possible :)

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Richard Lindsey
Sep. 13th, 2009 1:33pm

100 Attending!

So, those of you that have registered can see the other guest names that have registered, and their RSVP status... However, we also received a number of anonymous RSVP's from people that didn't think to write any kind of return address data when they dropped their card in the mail, as well as RSVP's for people that haven't registered, and for that, I have a little utility to manually enter these RSVP's...

I just manually entered another one, and that just put us at 100 guests that have said they will be attending... Well, 100 between adults and kids and whatnot... I'm hoping we don't top 150, because I believe that's what the venue states is their max capacity, and we'll have to hire a bouncer and get him a clipboard, and get some velvet ropes and have a line forming outside in the parking lot, for people that are waiting to get into the wedding/club.

Anyway, at this point, now this thing is shaping up to be a party! :D

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Richard Lindsey
Sep. 11th, 2009 1:57pm

The Monster Mash

We received a request to post this classic video of The Monster Mash, and given both its relation to halloween, and the fact that it's one of the more popular songs currently on the Musical Requests page, I thought I would comply, enjoy!

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Adriana Haire
Sep. 11th, 2009 12:47pm


Today as I was driving around Austin I noticed that Spirit Halloween Stores are OPEN! I can't wait to see what all they have this year! 

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Richard Lindsey
Sep. 7th, 2009 4:56pm

RSVP Deadline Approaching

Hi everybody!

So, our original proposed deadline for RSVP's was 9/15... We're still trying to stick to that plan, but I just checked the address list we mailed out to, and the responses we've gotten, and it was very disconcerting...

As such, I implemented "Operation: Blast Email Reminder" to everyone I actually had email addresses for who had not officially RSVP'd (word of mouth does not equal officially), so we can try to lock down a head count for catering and candy purposes... We'll see how well it goes :D

As for those of you that have already RSVP'd, good on ya mates! I can't wait to see you all out there on Halloween night... You'll recognize me as the person standing next to the chick getting married, come on up and say hi!

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Adriana Haire
Sep. 4th, 2009 7:43pm

Sipping my way back to childhood

Today what I have always thought was just an ice cream van came by and I peeked in and saw something I haven't had since childhood. A diablito snow cone! As I am eating it I am remembering childhood memories. Ah to be a kid again!

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Richard Lindsey
Sep. 3rd, 2009 12:03am

New: Email Alerts!

You all should have received an email from me... This was an accident, sorry! I was testing this new functionality and had it pull all records that were the opposite of what I was looking for to test with (myself and Adriana), and therefore, emailed every single person on the site except for the 2 of us...

I've been trying to figure out a way to keep this site in the mind of the attendees, because I feel like most people show up to register, and then never bother to come back, and miss out on updated blog entries and new functionality that I've been rolling out here...

As such, I decided to have the site blast email everyone that's registered, whenever we post a new blog here... Dooooon't worry, I've thought about you guys as well... When you login here, you'll see a new checkbox at the top of every page that tells whether you're subscribed to email alerts or not...

Simply check or uncheck the box according to your own preference, and you'll be instantly subscribed or unsubscribed from future email alerts... This site uses opt-in subscriptions, so currently, everyone is subscribed, you'll have to login to change that :D

Adios, and sorry about the test email again!

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Adriana Haire
Sep. 2nd, 2009 11:13pm

Shipment came in...

So I may have gone a bit crazy ordering $400 worth of stuff for the kids gift bags. BUT I should have known better than to get chocolate being as that our UPS man doesn't deliver anything to our home till 9pm. I had to toss the 1 bag of chocolate we ordered...Don't worry kiddos I shall buy you 10 bags more! mwaaahhahahahahahaha!!!

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Richard Lindsey
Sep. 1st, 2009 1:39pm

Musical Requests!

Some of you guests may notice a new link in the left column once you're logged in, for a Musical Requests page... We've got hours of dance time to fill with music, and are opening the floor to suggestions from the peanut gallery (that's you guys)!

Simple stuff, just click the link, enter an artist name and song title, and it'll be logged... Adriana and I will evaluate some of the suggestions as the date draws nearer, and depending on vote counts for the songs in the list, and how awesome the song is in general, there's a good chance it'll wind up on the wedding play list for the night!

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Richard Lindsey
Aug. 30th, 2009 12:49pm

Happy Birthday to Derek, Colin, and Jamie

We're about to get headed over to my buddy Derek's house for his annual combined-birthday-party, a celebration of friends, alcoholism, and pork... I'll see if I can get some pictures to post up in the Photo Album, which will, no doubt, go unnoticed by the masses.

Happy birthday people :)

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Richard Lindsey
Aug. 24th, 2009 11:43pm

This site is my playground...

So, I kinda threw this place together in about a week, which I don't think is too bad considering the features... Those that are not registered only see about half of the actual pages that are available... Those that are registered still don't see everything, only us admins too :)

I've got this place running on a CoughPHP/LightVC MVC framework, for those of you out there that do happen to be developers... It's running jQuery for the javascript framework to help francy up the place with all of the ajax callbacks and whatnot that are in place here...

I just installed a little utility for Adriana and I to be able to track some of the mailed RSVP's... Not everyone is attaching a return address of any kind to some of the mail-ins that we've received, so we don't exactly know who they belong to... It's not super-important, but we really need to know an accurate head count in the end, and we want to be able to track it in one place, which means we want to be able to enter them here as they come in, and then associate them with an actual guest account later, should that person actually register and speak up for their RSVP...

That means I got to play with jQuery draggables and droppables tonight... I gave myself a little interface similar to what you all see in the RSVP page, to enter these mail-ins, at which point, it spontaneously pops it into a table in the page, above another table that lists all guests which have registered but haven't yet RSVP'd... Then, should that person actually register at a later date, we can simply drag that row of the table onto the guest name in the table below, bing bang zoom, ajax callback, on success, both rows disappear from their respective tables, and the RSVP record is now associated with the guest record...

I get a kick out of these kinds of javascript features, which is why this site is my playground for such things... There's nothing quite as fun as little tweaked out pages for fun, and improving your own skill set at the same time :D

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Adriana Haire
Aug. 17th, 2009 10:27pm

Deep Thoughts by Adriana Handy!?

Ok I'm very excited about the wedding. It is fast approaching and I feel like I should be doing much more. I will have to maximize time on the weekends to get it all done. I can't wait to see everyones costumes! What ideas I have heard so far we will have some show stoppers!

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Richard Lindsey
Aug. 17th, 2009 12:01pm

The hottest coolest time in Texas...

So we're headed to Schlitterbahn tomorrow... I haven't been there since I myself was a kid, and I remember it being hellaciously crowded even back then towards my later years of going... I can't imagine what level of nightmare awaits us, but I'm hoping that by going on a Tuesday in the last week of the season, it will actually make a difference...

We'll take the camera along and get some additional pics to put up in the Photo Album, I think... Rand should have a blast, and it's his last week before school starts...

I also got the initial drink menu proposal from the bartender we hired a while back... I hope you people like to drink, because good lawd, it's extensive... I'm racking my brain to try to come up with Halloween-themed names to apply to as many of them as possible, but it's hard work, especially since a lot of them will look the same; I mean, how do you tell the difference between a gin & tonic and vodka & tonic without actually tasting them? And if a lot of drinks look the same, you have to come up with like several different Halloween-themed names that translate to 'clear and bubbly'...

In addition, I'm sure this bartender doesn't want to have to memorize 37 different new drink names in order to do his job for 8 hours, which means I'll want to try to come up with spooky names that are fairly easy remembered as what they actually are... Like instead of a Singapore Sling, maybe an Arm-in-a-sling, or something, I don't know... Yes, I realize that's a terrible example, but you see the task I'm up against...

Please, if any of you have drink name ideas, feel free to post them here in a blog comment... Even if you think they're stupid at the time, it may spark another idea in the head of someone else that may turn out to be brilliant...

And with that, let the brainstorming session begin!

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Richard Lindsey
Aug. 16th, 2009 3:00pm

More site improvements

Ok, so I managed to get blog comments installed the other day, and a page up to display our registry-that-is-not-an-actual-registry...

I've been trying to get Adriana to post her first blog entry, but I don't think her heart is really in this wedding or anything related to it, or else she totally would have by now (stares at Adriana out of the corner of his eye while he types this)... Yeah, I said it.

Anyway, it's getting closer to the day now, people should have gotten their invitations by now if they were going to get one, with a couple of exceptions due to our own error or that of the USPS...

We're trying to finalize details of everything, but so far, everyone we've talked to about this thing seems completely excited about it. It should be a blast for everyone, and make for some extremely interesting pictures, especially given some of the costume ideas I've been hearing so far :D

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Richard Lindsey
Aug. 13th, 2009 12:47am

The First TheLindseys.Info Blog Post!

<voice style="person: Dr. Nick;">Hi Everybody!</voice>

Welcome to TheLindseys.Info! This site was born something like 4 days ago, and already it's shaping up to be nicer than I was expecting :)

I've been hammering away at it pretty much every night after work to make it your one-stop shop for information about us and our upcoming Halloween wedding... I just finished the initial work on this Blog code tonight, and thought I would put it to use immediately! There'll be more features to come in the following days, like the ability to comment on these Blog posts, and anything else I can think of :)

So far, you can browse various items on the site without even Registering... You can view pics of the Wedding Party itself, as well as a generic Photo Album of random pics of our life and our friends and family...

Upon Registering, you won't be able to actually Login until your account has been verified by either me or Adriana, but once it is, you'll have access to more detailed information about the venue itself, the ability to generate directions to the venue from your own location (compliments of Google Maps API), post messages on the Message Wall, and leave comments on any of these Blog posts you happen to read :)

You'll also have access to view a list of guests that have currently Registered with the site, and what their RSVP status is, as well as RSVP'ing yourself right here on the site!

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Halloween night, for what's sure to be the strangest wedding ceremony you'll ever bear witness to, and hopefully one of the best Halloween parties you'll ever attend afterward ;)

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